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The Blair Witch Project

"In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittesville, Maryland, while shooting a documentary. One year later, their footage was found." Now that's a tagline. I went and saw this movie in the theatre with my wife when it first came out. Back then people thought that that tagline was the truth and the movie looks like a documentary done with home video cameras, which makes you think, that it really did happen. The actors all used their real names, and really did look scared. This movie had me on the edge of my seat several times, and I recommended it to everyone. Then the truth was revieled. That the actors were just that, actors and that it was a cheap film done in a short time with an even shorter budget. Genius. Pure Genius. The film makers came up with something original and scary that worked for them, and for that I applaud them. Now days the horror industry lacks such originality. The camera angles and first person view are something that would be immitated over and over in an attempt to catch the magic from the Blair Witch. Not easy on the eyes but genius all the same. In these days of sequals it was nice to see something fresh. Then came Blair Witch 2...

Book of Shaddows: Blair Witch 2

A year after the smash hit film Blair Witch was released, this film hit the big screen. In this flick, Boston college students become amazed by the events of the Blair Witch and decide to go to the hills and investigate for themselves. The film has you questioning if the witch even exists but as it turns out that the witch does exist and has some tricks up her sleeve that the students could never imagine. The basic story line in this sequal is decent and the study camera angles were easier on the eyes than the original, but the best part of the film is the challenge at the end of the credits. If you rewind the movie and watch it in reverse the secrets of "ESEVER" will be revieled one by one. It was a damn trippy thing to see. Check it out.

The Dentist (1996)

Now here is Corbin Bernsen at his best. The score for this film is perfact to the mood and story to this movie. Other than Final Destination 2, I have not seen a film that has a score that matches the theme of the film so well. Dr. Allen Feinstone had it all. A nice home, a beautiful wife, and a job as a dentist that he loved. All was great in his world untill he came home early and saw his wife with the pool boy... He snaps like a tooth on cement. Anything can set him off. Bad breath, something not clean, his wife, anything. He begins killing patients due to their unforgivable decay. This film kicks ass. See it and dont forget your visit to THE DENTIST!

The Dentist 2: Brace Yourself

Dr. Feinstone has been locked up in a mental institute eversince the events of the first flick, but escapes and moves to a quiet mid-westetern town under the fake name Dr.Cane. His delusions and rages are under control and he takes a job as the towns new dentist, untill he sees his love intrest in the arms of someone else. Dr. Cane soon takes a dive off the deep end once again and takes out his frustrations on his patients. The score in this film was much like the original and fit the movie well. I have three words to sum up this film: "Pinhead Meets Joker." Watch the flick and you'll see what I mean.

Mary Shelly's Frankenstein

You can't go wrong with Robert DeNiro. Mary Shelly wrote the book Frankenstein and it was made into several movies including the Universal version however none were truly accurate to the book, untill now. This movie is exactly like what you see in your head as you read the amazing book. First off Victor Frankenstein is not a mad scientist. He is a doctor. But before he was doctor he was his mother's son. When his mother died Victor vowed that he would find a way to beat death and make life eturnal a possibility. Apon going to medical school he meets a professor who also shared Victor's vision at one time, but abandoned his studies. When the professor, Victor's mentor, dies, Victor picks up where the professor's notes left off. Using the body parts of criminals and the brain of his proffesor as metarial, Victor proceeds to make life. Using a focused form of electricity with the aid of electric eels and ambiotic fluid, Victor succeeds. But the creation (DeNiro) looks like a monster. Victor realizes the depth of his actions and decides that he wants the "creation" dead. A plague spreads through the town and Victor assumes that the creature he made would not survive after his escape. Victor was wrong. The creature soon relizes that he does not fit in with the norm so he runs into the forrest and after he finds Victors journals in his pocket he vows revenge on Victor for his 'birth'. The manhunt begins...
Although this may not be classified as horror, it has all the gore that one needs for a successful horror movie, and can be found in the Horror section at your local Video Store. Check it out. It's slow in the begining but is worth the wait.

Ginger Snaps

Two words: Blood Bath. From the beginging to the end the viewer gets gore galore(tm).
Ginger and her little sister have always been close. Close to each other but distant outsiders to everyone else. They also have always been alittle on the odd side by normal standards. They are facinated by death and blood, they wear dark clothes, and little to no make-up. You know, your standard freaks. Their school project was making death scenes and photographing them for a slide presentation. One day Ginger and her sister decide to dognap the local preppy girl's pet as a prank, untill Ginger starts her period. Something smells that and hunts her down like a dog. As the two try to escape the creature bites and claws Ginger, attempting to eat her alive. By pure luck they manage to get away from the beast and run across a side street where the animal gets hit by a car. The boy who hit the thing gets out to inspect and realizes that this was no normal dog he hit. It was a Lycanthrope. A manbeast. A werewolf. Ginger gets back home and her sister insists she get to the hospital, but Ginger refuses, saying that the wounds are already healing and there is no real pain. The next few days, Ginger starts to change... not overnight like some would think, slowly. Strangly. She begins to grow a tail, hair in places girls shouldn't have hair, and her aditude changes too. It's not a good idea to make Ginger mad. When Ginger gets mad, Ginger snaps, and Ginger is very protective of her little sister, who is the target of the school prep's crude jokes. Can Ginger be saved? Is there a cure for her new "problem"? Rent the flick and find out.
BOTTOM LINE: I felt that this Canadian made film was overall a good movie. The end leaves more to the imagination than Pam Anderson's bathing suit, and the effects were good but the gore was great. I would recomend this flick but still say it doesn't measure up to the movie "Wolf" with Jack Nicholas (someday I'll do a review), which, to me, sets the standard for modern werewolf flix.

One Hour Photo

It was hailed as "Robin Williams' Finest Hour" and I couldn't agree more. This film isn't a horror movie but a psychological drama about the people that are around us on a day to day basis who have access to out most intimate momments and we don't even relize it. The reason this review fits into the All Things Horror Reviews Archive is because it is a flat out creepy flick. It shows how the most normal seeming people can be one step from the edge at any point in time. Robin Williams stars as Sy "The Photo Guy" Perish, a photo tech at the local Sav-Mart (which looks oddly like a Wal-mart). In this roll we see Robin unlike any role he has done before. Not funny. Not Wacky. But definantly Crazy. Sy has no family. No Friends. Just his job and a hamster. But Sy has watched people's lives grow and change through the windows of frozen time that are our photos. One family he has grown especially fond of. A family that leads the perfact lives. He always makes one extra copy of their photos, and takes them home so that he can imagine himself as "Uncle Sy". Untill he loses his job. Sy's life is his job. He takes great pride in his work. What happens next is unthinkable to Sy. Some thing must be done...

Click here to see full view of the Tooth Fairy Action Figure by McFarlane Toys.

Darkness Falls

"What I took before in kindness, I take forever in revenge." The final words of an innocent woman hung for the murder of two children who turned up later just fine. Darkness Falls, like most towns, has it's dark secret. A woman became known as "The Tooth Fairy" by the children of darkness falls because everytime a child would lose their tooth they would bring it to her and in return for the tooth she would give them a gold coin. Durring a accidental fire in her house, she was badly burned and because of this, her skin was ultra sensitive to light. She wore a porciline mask to hide her badly burned face and only went out at night. One day two children turned up missing. The towns people automatically pointed the finger at the mask-wearing-woman. She screamed out her innocence but was ignored and hung, but before she was hung, they tore off her mask exposing her deformed face for all the town to see. The woman screamed out that she would have her vengance one day. The legand around Darkness Falls is that when a child loses their last tooth, and the Tooth Fairy comes, they must not see her, or they are surly dead. The only way to stay away from the Farie? Stay in the light. She can't get you in the light. The Tooth Fairy kills all who see her, and she always gets who she wants. And thats just the intro... Over all, I thought this was a decent movie. I originally saw it in the theatre and it kept cutting out and then the sound would cut so I didn't get enough out of it to do a review, but I recently rented it and found that it is indeed worth the time to type a review. I would recomend poping some pop corn, turning off the lights and watching it alone. You will want to sleep with the light on and you'll never again underestimate the value of a good flashlight. ;)


 Promo Gif one form the OFficial Ghost Ship WebsitePromo Gif two form the Official Ghost Ship Web sitePromo Gif three from the Official Ghost Ship web site

"Built in 1954, the majestic ocean liner Antonia Graza was the pride of the Italian Line. A vision of modern, sleek sophistication, the ship was nothing less than a work of art. Amenities provided for her passengers ensured that they would enjoy unrivaled luxury during their stay at sea; when guests were not unwinding in their spacious staterooms, they could socialize in one of the stylish lounges, enjoy sports and relaxation atop the liner’s broad decks, or take a refreshing dip in the stately swimming pool. The centerpiece of the Antonia Graza was its opulent grand ballroom, where couples would dance the night away to the romantic strains of a live orchestra. Chefs labored night and day in the galley preparing superb Italian cuisine to be served in the ship’s elegant dining room, and attentive crewmembers were always available, eager to provide their guests with anything they should desire. It was truly the journey of a lifetime. But when the Antonia Graza set sail for America in the spring of 1962, her passengers were blissfully unaware of the unspeakable evil that would soon befall them, sealing their fates and ensuring that this journey would be their last... "These Italian liners, they couldn’t compete for speed, so they built these floating art palaces instead. She was reported missing on the 21st of May, 1962 off the coast of Labrador. Funny thing is, there was no distress signal, no contact…she just disappeared, she was gone. Ever since that day, every captain and his mother’s been looking for her, hoping that she hasn’t gone down." The salvage crew aboard the tugboat Arctic Warrior is the best in the business. Under the leadership of Captain Sean Murphy (GABRIEL BYRNE), and with the expertise of salvage team leader Maureen Epps (JULIANNA MARGULIES), First Mate Greer (ISAIAH WASHINGTON) and technicians Dodge (RON ELDARD), Munder (KARL URBAN) and Santos (ALEX DIMITRIADES), they can locate any abandoned vessel, patch her up ‘till she’s seaworthy and drag her back to shore…for a price. When Canadian Air Force pilot Jack Ferriman (DESMOND HARRINGTON) recruits the team to investigate a mysterious vessel he has spotted floating adrift off the coast of Alaska in a remote region of the Bering Sea, they discover the remains of the fabled Antonia Graza, thought lost at sea for more than 40 years. It’s a hell of a find – the salvage rights alone could be worth a fortune. And by the law of the sea, any vessel discovered on international waters can be claimed by whomever is fortunate enough to find her and skilled enough to haul her back to port. But once onboard the eerie, cavernous ship, the crew of the Arctic Warrior discovers that the decaying vessel is anything but deserted. It’s home to something more deadly and horrific than anything they’ve encountered in all their years at sea. Now the crew must uncover the truth about the ship’s past and unlock the mystery that threatens their very survival." -Official Ghost Ship Web Site (The same team that made this movie made the movie 13 ghosts)

Resident Evil

I waited many years for this movie, as did many RE fans. The movie really didn't stick to any paticular RE storyline but did pay hommage to the game in many different ways. Over all I liked this film and enjoyed the special effects. The "Licker" was exactly the same as in the game, which is a good thing. The story line was kind of hard to follow but in the end it all becomes clear, and is true to the styles of the RE Series. Overall decent gore but not the gore galore that you would expect from a RE movie. The movie opens with a woman (Mellia Johvavich) knocked out in a shower. When she comes to, she realizes that she can't remember anything and she finds herself in a giant mansion. Turns out that she works for a company called Umbrella and is under cover protecting the entrence to "The Hive" which is a giant underground complex/ testing facility under the nearby city of Raccoon. The entrence to The Hive is hidden in the mansion. Soldiers storm the mansion and go into the hive to see what happened. As it unfolds you get the full picture. Confused yet? The movie itself screams for a sequal. Not as popular in the theatres as it was with the fans, funding may be kind of hard. I really look forward to a sequal and loved the soundtrack for this one. Marlyn Manson did the score and I think he did a great job.


Okay, I admit, This film is not horror. It is however the epitome of all that horror should be. The first five minutes are a great example of what horror today is lacking. SHOCK VALUE. I've never seen a movie with ANY thing even remotely like the begining of this one. John Travolta's little rant about Hollywood and what's wrong with it today was exactly what I've been saying for years! At the risk of getting off of the "horror theme" of this site I will stop this review right now. Rent the movie, watch the first 20 min. then return it, so that you have recieved all of the horror this film has to offer.


Signs came out about the same time as The Ring and Ghost Ship, causing alot of good compitition. Signs stars Mel Gibson (Ransom, Lethal Weapon, ect) as a mid-western father of two who's corn field seems to have developed "crop circles" over night. As it turns out, the circles are actually directions for aliens, with super agility and speed and a weakness to water, who want to, what else, take over our world. (Does that make sense to you? Aliens who hate water want to take over a planet that is mostly covered in water...hmm...) Though entertaining at times, I found this film to be mostly slow and at times, flat out boring. The climax is worth the wait but I think that the film it's self was over hyped and slightly over rated. It takes alot to scare me, and this one, although good, didn't. Rent it, see what you think.

The Faculty

The Faculty was the first film in along time that really had me on the edge of my seat. I liked it alot. How many times, when you were in school, did you think your teachers were from space and completely hell-bent on your destruction? Well in this movie, they are. Elija Wood plays the kid no one likes who thinks that the teachers at his school, just arn't right. In fact, he thinks they are pod people. And he's right. The aliens in this movie are parasites who use the human body as a host due to it's large ammount of water. These aliens need water to servive and what better way to do that than kill Earth's inhabbitants and take it over? The only way to save the planet? A drug called Scatt which is "guarenteed to jack you up". The problem? This drug is only made by a high school misfit and his stash is at home... over all, I enjoyed this movie. I thought that it's minimal success at the box office was due to poor advertisment.

Jeepers Creepers

You know, I got told over and over again how great this movie was and how badly I HAD to see it. Over Rated To The Max. Not scary, kinda dumb. These were my first impressions. Jeepers Creepers really took a long time to make it's pointless. The worst part? They are makeing a sequal. It's about a creature (The Creeper) stalks a brother and sister and eats people's body parts. I thought the underground shrine was kinda cool, And they made the old song kinda creepy but that's about it. Sorry, I know this review probably pissed some people off, but though. That's what I think.

Joy Ride

Now this film was original. Not only was it edge-of-your-seat-scary, but had a great story line as well. The use of comedy was perfact in this film. This is a tale about two boys and a girl on a road trip who decide to have some fun with an old C.B. The oldest boy desgises his voice claiming to be a girl named "Candy Cane" The Trucker they talk to calls himself "Rusty Nail" and sounds alot like Tommy Chong... Any way, The boys play a mean little prank on ... Rusty and the prank turns deadly. Rusty's sense of humor lacks something to be desired. Rusty and his Semi are hot on the tail of the pranksters and all is okay untill he gets the girl. Do they get to her in time? Does Rusty kill her? Tune in to the tape or DVD to find out and to see a 30MIN. Alt. ending, not many movies have that!

Final Destination

Well, ain't that the truth. Why take life seriously, no one gets out alive any why. In the end death takes us all. There's no avioding it. There's no hiding from it. It's an accident waiting to happen. A turn left that should have been right. A fate that no one can escape. This is one creepy movie for the simple fact that it makes you think about all the "Accidents" that happen every day. I really enjoyed this movie and was amazed at the ammount of thought that had to go into making this film. The writers are psychotic geniuses. I enjoyed this film for another reason. I liked the way that the film gives "Death" an almost stalking personality. I have only three words to sum it all up, "SEE THIS MOVIE."

Final Destination 2

I liked the first movie, I LOVED the second. What is it that I am always saying that horror movies today do not have enough of? GORE. Two words for this film: "Gore Galore". And not just senseless unreasonable gore, good gore. Gore with perpose. It's great. The special effects were mind blowing. The story line lacked NOTHING. (Which is not something I can say for most movies of today). The best part? The fact that the audience doesn't see it coming. What you ask? IT. The twist. The curve ball that makes for a great movie. And my god, was there alot of them. You just don't see them comming. You know people are going to die. It still surprises you, shocks you, and just freaks you out. Now that's good cinema. The only down side of this film is it's use of hoakey premonitions that were actually visions instead of feelings like in the first. The only charcter return is obvious but still a decent choice. I REALLY recomend this movie.

Ghostface from Scream as Drawn by Steven Adelmund. Click here for a full view.


This movie was inspired by murders that occured in Flordia. Directed by Horror Master Wes Craven, as of the early 90's the Horror genere was all but dead untill this film came along. This was a great movie to bring back the world of horror. Not so much of a 'slasher' film as a 'who done it', this film brought a new feeling to horror that wasn't there before. With a great young cast, awesome soundtrack, and cutting edge special effects, Scream was destined for greatness. Originally pened as a trilogy, the scripts were kept so air tight that they were re written and given to the cast on a day to day basis, as not to give away the ending. I would recomend renting the entire trilogy as a weekend movie fest. The Killer(s): The costume was very creative. Spooky yet simple. The costume could be found at every five and dime store in the country under the market name of "Father Death" even before the movie was released. Now it can be found under the name "Ghostface: As seen in the movie Scream!" One of the coolest things about the killer was his almost playful habits: like wiping the blood off of the knife when he was done. How psyco is that?!? I liked the twists in this film.


The same surviving charcters as the first one, but this one is in a collage setting. I really liked the fact that a fan Fav. charcter gets killed off. It really side swipes the audience and makes them rethink who will and will not die. The fact that this was a sequal made the viewer think that the new boyfriend could be the killer but that wasn't really pointed out to you so you wern't sure what to think... Overall rating: I liked it, but not as much as the first. I figured out who the killers were about 20 min. into the movie, so that gives you an idea about it. I liked how it Bends the rules, and gives you a "killers eye view".


What can I say? Damn. This movie was a total mind game... At first I thought the idea of the location being in Hollywood was kinda cheesey but after seeing what Wes Craven did with the many sets I wanted to slap myself for ever doubting the master of horror. I don't want to blow it so let me just say this: some movies make you rethink the whole movie at the end. This one makes you re think all three movies. I feel it is the best in the trilogy by far. Scream 3 breaks an unwritten rule set forth in the previous films. Do you know what it is?

The Crow as Drawn by Steven Adelmund. Click here for a full view.


This is my fav. movie of all time. A movie about love, life, vengence, and death. This movie was definitely one of the greats to me. This film was the final film for actor Brandon Lee who died in the making of the film during a scene in the begining of the movie where a charcter named Funboy shoots him. The gun, filled with blanks Fired and Brandon died. The movie itself got alot of spooky press before its release, and before Brandons death due to strange mishaps on the set. The film used amazing imagery and was originally going to be shot in Black and white, to stay true to the graphic novel by James O'Barr, but was filmed in color after budget descussions. If you pay attention you will notice that not much color was used giving the film a very gothic and cold feel. I recomend this as a rental for the weekend. There will never be another crow like Brandon Lee. The Story: Eric Draven (Lee) And his fience Shelly Webster planned to get married on Halloween but were killed the night before. Sara, a young friend of the two is devistated by the deaths and holds on to her love of Eric and Shelly. One year later Eric is brought back to life by a misterious crow to avenge his and Shelly's death. True love never dies. He hunts down each of the people involved in their murders and makes them remember, and then die. Can he be reunited with Shelly? Watch it and find out.


Well kiddies, lets face it, Brandon Lee is and was the only true Crow. The story was A man damed Ash Corvin and his son witness a murder and are seen by the killers so they are destined to die. Ash comes back to avenge his son's death and falls in love with Sarah in the process. I feel that the novalization of the movie was better than the movie it's self. Vincent Perez was an okay crow and I liked his accent, but the director used alittle too much yellow lighting. I realize this was purely for effect but lets face it... there can be too much of a good thing. I did however enjoy the amazing use of flames in this movie. I think that the film makers really over did the whole "Goth" and "S&M" theme and should've stuck with the b & w lighting used in the original. If you are looking for a first impression about the crow series, don't start here. I did like the whole "Evil Crow" idea but the climax paled in compareson to the classic Michael Winscott/ Brandon Lee battle.


Like a true trilogy this movie made up for the lacking C of A. I enjoyed this flick and would request it for rental along w/ the other two for a Crow Fest. I liked how the rules of the crow were bent then shattered. A man is wrongly accused of murdering his girlfriend and sentenced to death. He gets the chair then comes back and makes the crooked cops and street thugs that framed him pay. I also liked the great bad guy, but lets face it folks, he was no Top Dollar (Michael Winscott). This was the kind of movie that you could watch two or three times in a row and still not get sick of it. I actually did that and picked up more on the 3rd time watching it than the 1st or 2nd.


Not so much horror as action, this movie was based on a comic book by Todd McFarlane, and it kicked some real booty! The Effects were cool and so was the music. Although I loved the effects, there was too much focus on them, and not enough on storyline and or gore, after all, gore and Spawn. You can't have one with out the other. I would recomend it if you are board and looking for a good action flick. This movie did not get the fan reaction that was expected so I doubt there will be a sequel, sorry kiddies.


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The clasics are movies with cool killers like Freddy And Jason. And who could forget Michael Myers. These are truly cool movies. For a real gore-fest go rent them!!! I've dedicated a whole page to the gore fest classics, to read more about them click the above link...

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